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Check Your Abilities

The simplest and the effective mode of preparation just to inbuilt the qualities of hard work and patience amongst students to make them them able to overcome their weakness in order to be successful in life.

Improve Your Skills

If you need help to calculate your points for selection , overall subjective knowledge is usually more formal which helps you aspire to excel at your skills in order to accomplish exceptional results and achieve professional goals.


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Migration from one city to another isn’t a piece of cake, so testtonic provides a quality educational stuff on internet through our class like environment excellent live classes for the aspirants of each and every zone.

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Experience The Live Test

We provide THE LIVE TESTS to make students more comfortable and to boost their confidence ,being in their comfort zone. This also reduces their fear of online mode and help them tackle the stress smartly.

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Test Your Speed

Its very important for aspirants to work on their test taking ability and strategy , when appearing for a difficult Govt and non-Govt competitive exams .We provide them with the speed test to their speed , accuracy , stamina , judgement as well as their subjective ability to excel their in their task.

Professional Faculties

We proudly sate that updated advanced and accurate vision of our renowned and experienced faculties have proved successful in catering an ideal structure and pattern of different level’s competitive exams to our aspirants.